Jiøí Navrátil has worked with the master guitar maker Josef Kubla in Cheb since 1990. In 1996 he obtained master skills in art-handicraft guitar construction. Then he established his own company SAGITARIUS and in 2001 he moved in Liberec, where the company registered in the Commercial Register under the name SAGITARIUS spol s r.o.

(SAGITARIUS - the astrological sign of the zodiac, from Latin meaning the archer. The symbol also reflects in the company's logo. Mr Navrátil was born under this sign and the title also contains the word 'GITAR')

The philosophy of the company is based on its individual approach towards the customer. We create masterpiece instruments from the finest timber and tune them by spectral tone analysis before assembly. That means we can manufacture a guitar straight „to the hands” of the musician. On request we can also use shellac varnish (mainly jazz and classical).   We only make all-solid instruments, the veneered materials cannot influence the characteristics and resonant zones that much.

Our monthly production varies from three to six guitars. Thanks to this figure it is possible to observe the quality and uniqueness of each instrument.

Our main production program includes acoustic jazz guitars with chiselled solid panels made of European violoncello material and mounted with one Kent Armstrong – Benedetto suspended pickup.

The rest of our range is virtuoso classical music guitars, bass guitars, jumbo, dreadnought and resophonic guitars for onstage or studio performance. We install Fishman pickup systems in most of these instruments.